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Pipeline Respite Supported Holidays and Tours was established in 1990 to cater for the recreational and relaxation holiday needs of people with an intellectual disability, providing “excursion” style tours to destinations along the east coast of Australia.

Today, Pipeline Holidays offers a comprehensive range of exciting fully escorted assisted care group holidays to the most popular destinations in Australia and around the world…

With Over

30 Years Experience

Pipeline Holidays is a family owned and operated company. The directors, Jason and Kerrie Thomas-Webb, who have between them over 30 years experience within the disability sector. We are currently applying for NDIS in most states and will be transitioning to NDIS funding support for our clients over the next twelve months.

Our holidays are geared towards over 18’s with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, are medium paced and require moderate mobility due to the activities we participate in. It is most important we discuss your needs prior to joining your first Pipeline Holiday to ensure a particular holiday style suits you.

Our goal is simple – Through individual care and support; provide memorable and fun holidays to exciting destinations in a safe and caring environment!

It’s All About

Care & trust

Knowing our guests, meeting their needs

One of the most important factors for those who choose to take a Pipeline holiday is in the confidence they feel that we, the people charged with their care, understand their needs and have their best interest at heart!

A Pipeline holiday provides our tour participants with 24 hour assisted care. This incorporates all aspects of individual attendant care needs, from looking after holiday spending money to special dietary requirements and administering medication; all managed by, and delivered under the supervision of trained staff.

We place great value in the individual care and support we provide our guests. We take the time to get to know each and every individual who comes away with us, and although we operate in a group environment, there is always plenty of one-on-one time to make sure people get the most out of every holiday. We like to know what people do for fun, what music you listen to, who your favourite teams are and what movies you like; and try to include these in our holiday program whenever we can.

Who’s taking care of you on your holiday?

It’s important to know who is taking you away on your Holiday as they are the ones with you 24 hours a day! So who are the people RESPONSIBLE. . . Responsible for your money, medication, meeting you, personal care needs, medical needs, driving, caring for you, making sure YOU are getting the most out of your holiday.

Well PIPELINE IS A FAMILY RUN BUSINESS, we are not funded by the government, we are not a charity and receive no funding from any outside parties. We do not hire any contract staff, Volunteers or inexperienced workers and after the 22 years we have been operating, you are always greeted by a reassuring, consistent familiar face.

We offer the small group tours that you ask for, as well as the attention you deserve by always being the ones travelling with you.

It’s All About

Excellent Service

Little Things That Count

Price and service are important to everyone! We understand this, so it is important to us that our holidays remain great value for money that we provide you the best possible service we can. All Pipeline Holidays are inclusive of transportation, accommodation, most meals, admission to attractions as per the itineraries and, of course, 24 hour assisted care from the beginning to the end of your holiday.

For our guests departing from regional centres who need support to fly to the nearest capital city, Pipeline staff can be organised to assist, however this is provided at an additional cost. You may also need to add extra days to either side of our indicated holiday dates to cater for these arrangements.

Alternatively, if you are comfortable travelling independently, meeting points are arranged in each of the capital cities shown above, we can arrange flights from regional centres to the primary holiday destination. Prices for these are on application and we aim to be flexible in assisting you with arrangements, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

It’s All About

Fun & Memories

The Medicine of the Soul

Everyone wants to have fun when they are on holiday! Fun begins with a youthful approach to life, the way you move through each day and the desire to find something fun or funny in every situation. Laughter is after all the medicine of the soul, and we think our souls are pretty healthy!

Our holidays, while not hectic, are packed with fun. We make the most out of every day and encourage holiday participants to do the same. As a result, people tend to experience things they may not normally do and always seem to come away enriched from their time on holiday.

We talk, laugh, listen to music, go to the movies, cheer for our teams at major sporting events, ride roller coasters, have fish and chips on the beach, relax by the pool, shop at the best markets and eat tasty dinners together. We do the things everyone wants to do when they are on holiday.

We have fun on holiday because we like what we do, and do all we can to ensure those in our care have as much fun as we do! As a complimentary gift, we send you a photo album of your holiday experience so you can always look back on the fun they had and the new friends you made.

It’s All About

Great Places

Popularity Prevails

While Pipeline Holidays provides an assisted care service, our most important function is to deliver great holidays! So of course, we choose the most popular holiday destinations in Australia and beyond to include in our holiday program. Destinations are chosen by what’s on offer, its popularity with previous participants and for its value for money.

We use centrally located, fully self-contained apartments of a 3-4 star standard for the majority of our holidays, providing us great accessibility to attractions and enabling us to relax in comfort and prepare meals before, during and after the day’s activities.

This Year our domestic group holidays travel to New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Our Domestic holidays take in the best of Australia. From watching the Australian Wallabies play international test rugby in Melbourne to travelling to great holiday destinations like Victoria and Sydney. Of course we travel to the Gold Coast several times a year visiting theme parks, beaches and national parks.

In 2018/2019 our overseas calendars includes USA, Bahamas, Canadian Rockies, UK, Ireland, Asian Cruise, Japan, Bali and Europe.

Cruises are very popular and in 2018/2019 we are pleased to offer a choice between a South Pacific Cruise a Disney cruise and an Asian Cruise so please book early to avoid disappointment.

It’s All About


More Than Our Set Departures

We are pleased to be able to say our holidays are popular. Which can sometimes mean that unless you book early, you may not always secure the departure date that suits you best.

However, we won’t let that stop you from having the holiday of your choice – when you want it! Pipeline Holidays is not limited to providing you only our range of scheduled group holiday departures!

Perhaps you’re interested in arranging your own exclusive, fully escorted, assisted care group holiday with friends or work colleagues or you may want to attend a specific sporting or theatrical event but have been unsure of how to arrange it?

Pipeline Holidays can arrange specific group holidays, separate from our range of scheduled departures, providing you with flexibility in your holiday choices. If there is somewhere you and your friends want to travel to that we don’t already visit, let us know.

So, please remember to try and book the tour of your choice early to avoid disappointment, but should it happen that the holiday you want is fully booked, there is plenty more we can do for you!

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